Bosch Case Study

Bosch Case Study: From 3D Laser Scanning, to point clouds, to as-built 3D models delivery


From 3D Laser Scanning, to point clouds, to as-built 3D models delivery


The Bosch Factory in Jucu, Cluj county, was founded in 2013 and produces electronic control units for international customers in the automotive industry.

The Bosch Cluj production unit is a state-of-the-art production unit, integrating digitization and automation solutions specific to the Industry 4.0 concept (the fourth industrial revolution).



In February 2021 the TBE Technologie team had the opportunity to provide its technical expertise to perform the 3D scanning of the technical spaces dedicated to the sprinkler system and the central heating system.

After performing the scans, the recorded point clouds were processed by our engineers to deliver as-built 3D models to our collaborator, Bosch, containing the correct and detailed data of these rooms.

If any changes to the production unit will be desired in the future, that will influence the mechanical spaces mentioned above, these 3D As-Built models can be accessed at any time. Thus, the specialized engineers will be able to operate changes directly on the real scale BIM Model, provided by the TBE Technologie team.

TBE TECHNOLOGIE scan to bim Bosch

Also, for the accurate analysis of the distribution area, we have carried out appropriately quoted sections, so that if there is a need to replace any components, this intervention is made taking into account their precise, actual dimensions.

Thanks to the processing of point clouds in BIM, we have the possibility to generate, as per the collaborator’s request, an unlimited number of sections, views and details without the need for another visit of the building.

TBE TECHNOLOGIE scan to bim Bosch


The Trimble X7 scanner was used for scanning, and the Trimble RealWorks software was used for the recording and post-processing of the point clouds.
Point Cloud 3D modeling was carried out using specific software: Edgewise (ClearEdge) and Autodesk Revit/MagiCAD.

Challenges and solutions

Due to the high density of the scanned technical spaces, it was necessary to carry out several scanning stations, both horizontally and vertically.
In order to have accurate information in the delivered 3D models, our engineers identified the main components: pumps, valves, etc., based on the product codes, which enabled them to import the corresponding product families from Magicad.



Dorin Popa

HVAC Design Engineer TBE Technologie and Project Manager for the Bosch project


1. How does 3D laser scanning of buildings and spaces help optimize a project?

From a point cloud file that comes from the 3D laser scanning of a construction we get an actual overview of the executed elements with very high precision, that has a margin of error of a maximum of 2-3 mm.
In addition, using a 3D scanner instead of the usual measurement methods substantially reduces the time taken for measurements and thus it also saves money.


2. What were the improvements made to the team’s work within the Bosch project?

The scanning process achieves high-precision 3D views including all the details captured when scanning. The details that escape the human eye cannot be lost as a result of the scanning process. Thus, based on the information provided by the scanner and using specialized software, as-built three-dimensional models can be made.
For this project, as a result of the scanning process, we made 3D models using the Edgewise and Autodesk Revit 2020 software, thus getting an accurate true-to-life 3D model. Subsequently, this model can be used for possible changes throughout the lifetime of the building without requiring an on-site visit for new measurements.


3. Three customer benefits

Getting a true to life overview is particularly useful especially in large-scale or highly complex projects, resulting in avoiding on-site visits and substantially reducing costs and execution time.

Using a high-resolution 3D scanner that self-calibrates, such as the Trimble X7 scanner, the human error can be removed from the calculation. In addition to the characteristic point clouds, 360° overall images are also obtained.
As a result of the 3D scanning and modeling process, the beneficiary comes into possession of a complete, comprehensive as-built project made with great precision. For any changes or interventions on building elements or installations, new plans can be made from the scans, without necessarily requiring a prior visit.


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