10 years of TBE Technologie


10 years of collaboration, 10 years of continuous evolution, a story based on communication, transparency and common values


10 years ago, we made the decision that defined our path to this day. We gave up everything that was familiar to us from a professional point of view and we stepped out of our comfort zone in order to raise the bar and keep up with the high standards, with the rigorous requirements but also with the need for continuous implementation of HVAC design innovations, imposed by the German market.


It’s been 10 years in which, thanks to the work of our entire team, we’ve managed to surprise our customers with the quality of the services we offer and with our proactive attitude, which is far from that of a simple supplier. Our dedication to projects, our innovative solution proposals and constantly meeting customer deadlines as if they were our own have helped us gain the trust of our collaborators and quickly move to the next level so that we now also offer engineering services in addition to CAD construction.
We have evolved alongside the software we use, such as Plancal Nova, the software that brought us closer to our first customers and helped us deliver more than just lines – it helped us deliver information.


It was a period of immense effort in which we made up for the lack of experience with the HOAI (the German Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers) rules with a lot of work and extensive research.

Spending many nights in the office in order to be able to fulfill on time the tasks we were contracted for, without realizing at the time that the biggest gain was the fact that we were building a strong foundation for the company and starting the transition from “colleagues” to a “small family”.


We have received another impetus for development right from the HVAC design branch in Germany, which is a very dynamic one, thus making it imperative to implement innovations in the field. Therefore, we have developed several design departments:

➡   The Microstation/Tricad department (MH Calculation Software) was the first serious leap into the BIM universe. Major, long-term projects followed in industries such as aviation or automotive, where we were part of large teams and worked on common platforms such as ProjectWise. Although the deadlines were sometimes difficult to meet, teamwork has enabled us to successfully complete the projects.

➡   With the growth of the BIM phenomenon, we decided to go with the tide and not let ourselves be swallowed by it, so we set up the Revit department. This accelerated our growth, leading us to collaborate on large-scale projects that we did not even dream of 10 years ago.


“We appreciate the trust that our clients have in us and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to be their colleagues. Their success is always our success. We hope to continue to deliver successful projects together in the future.

The 10th anniversary of TBE Technologie has a special significance. It is the time when we celebrate every member of the team because our energy has turned the impossible into possible. This moment would not have existed without the manpower and the collaboration that you all have shown. The fact that the team knows how to ask all the necessary questions in order to determine the best course of action has helped the company to develop solid strategies for the most unfavorable situations, such as the pandemic context. Thus, we managed to continue to deliver solutions at the same standard so that the ongoing projects are not negatively impacted ─ another proof of the involvement of each colleague in the organization of the company and the close connection between us.

In this journey, we continue to focus on what lies ahead of us and look forward to the innovations and challenges that await us.”

Mihai Romonti, Manager of TBE Technologie


Thank you and we are excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

Happy birthday to TBE Technologie!